Can Your Cellphone Kill You?

What Most People Don’t Know

The Growing Demand of Cellphones

There are multiple cellphone manufacturers in the market today. It has been a growing industry that this century is most attached with. The use of cellphones has been known to be very convenient since it is wireless and easy to use. A lot of people are using this technology in the day-to-day activity, since this offers multifaceted purposes including calls, text messages, internet browsing through wireless networks, Bluetooth, and many more. And because of this, many people are exposed to the electro-magnetic radiation (EMR).

What is EMR?

Electromagnetic radiation is a type of radiation that is produced by any electromagnetic processes. EMR is consisting of electromagnetic waves which are synchronized by both the electric and magnetic fields. This radiation is usually referred to as visible light, microwaves, radio waves, ultraviolet rays, and many more. This radiation is present in a cellphone and other wireless devices, thus many are stating that cellphones can kill you.

Worldwide Research

Because cellphone contains electromagnetic radiations that could possibly affect the health of human beings, scientists are in the constant study of determining whether it can really cause negative effects. The World Health Organization (WHO) together with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified cellphone radiation in the Group 2B which means it is “possibly carcinogenic”, because of this, many states of the possibility that cellphones can kill you. But there is no current evidence for this matter. According to Leif Salford a Swedish Neuro-oncologist, people don’t realize that they are being part of “the largest biological experiment ever” on studying the effects of cellphones. The researchers state that results may not be available today but someday it will.

What are the Possible Health Risks of Cellphone Radiations?

Because of the EMR, scientists have thought of the possibility of a number of health risks. Such health risks associates with cancer, brain, and eyes. According to Lloyd Morgan lead author of the “Cellphones and Brain Tumors”, cellphones will likely result to brain tumors and it can also increase risk in eye and testicular cancer, salivary gland tumors, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Alzheimer’s disease and leukemia. Having said, scientists would like to warn the people on using cellphones.

Precautions Imposed by the Health Authorities

Because of the possible health risks of cellphones, health authorities have taken action on the limited use of the gadget. Particularly for kids, to avoid being damaged by the radiation, some countries imposed a policy of the usage and exposure to cellphones. Although studies have not proven it yet, it is better to take necessary precautions to prevent possible risks.

Consider the Possibility and Take Action

Being a responsible human being means being aware of all the facets of a matter including negative ones. You may say that they are no proven study results, but to be responsible take precaution and think before you act. Note that experts are professionals, and usually or most of the time they are right, thus you need to consider the possibility that cellphones can kill you, and you should take action before it’s too late.

Block Stresser Attacks With Cloudflare

If you own an online e-commerce site or if you are in a competitive niche then chances are you have to deal with the up-time of your website. People now have the ability to take your website offline with the click of a button. Through the use of stresser tools your competitors are able to take down your hosting and disable all potential traffic and customers from visiting your site. These attacks can be harmful to your site because if you don’t have unlimited bandwidth you will likely incur additional bandwidth costs. You will likely lose sales because your site is offline. Google may de-index your site and you will lose any rankings you might have achieved.

These types of attacks can be mitigated or re-routed through additional servers through services like Cloudflare and Prolexic. These services allow you to have your website’s IP address masked with their own. In general a website’s IP is public information. With that being said it is even easier for a stresser to attack a website and take it offline. Cloudflare has a huge network and is able to handle attacks from these stresser tools. Essentially when an attack is sent at a Cloudflare IP address the attack is filtered through several data centers on the network to the point that it is mitigated and the site being protected isn’t affected by the high influx of traffic. These types of services aren’t cheap either. If your site isn’t that popular and doesn’t rank competitively in your niche then  you will likely be worry free in this department.

Getting attacked by a Stresser can be quite annoying when it happens. You will end up spending hours on the phone with your hosting provider to figure out why you can’t access your site and you will potentially lose any profit you could of made. The fact that someone can pay $5 to shut down your site shouldn’t be possible. It has become necessary is just about every business today to have some sort of mitigation methods on their backend to ensure their site is online and available to their clients and customers.

cloudflare logo

The Ultimate Gaming Experience – League of Legends

Our lives are played out online. We talk to our friends online through email and instant message. We browse retail stores online to buy our clothes. Some people even order their food online and have it delivered to their house. The internet is growing and expanding every single day. The expansion of technology and the internet has enabled this to happen. Today recreational activities like playing games are becoming full time jobs. Professional gamers are making an upwards of six figures just from creating content and posting it to online video websites like YouTube. The content creators are then compensated by AdSense for the ads that are played. Broadening on this topic, gamers can then branch out to Twitch where they are paid to stream video content and are paid for the Ads they run. Depending on the player’s skill level they can then attend tournaments and try to compete for thousands of dollars.

League of Legends has enabled some professionals to become full-time “gamers.” This means players are paid to compete in the games they play. Some will allow you to buy LoL accounts. Their compensation comes in the form of prize winnings and sponsorships their team receives. Sponsorships can come in the form of actual money or through new computer hardware or headsets. These sponsors also pay for their players to attend events by paying for their flights and hotels. Companies benefit from having these players represent them because for the people that watch, you want to have the parts your favorite player has.

god is a gamer

Despite what the world thinks about gamers. They put in tons of hours into the games they play. They constantly train and practice. Similarly, football and basketball players dedicated thousands of hours to shooting a basketball through a hoop. How is this any different than practicing pushing buttons on a keyboard and moving a mouse? The professional gamer is no where near as good as the professional basketball player at shooting a three pointer. Like-wise the basketball player probably can’t even login to his email account. These two categories are in completely different realms. Neither should be discredited based on public opinion.

Although gaming does have a negative stigma, there has been progressive movement towards the evolution of electronic sports. Professional gaming was featured at the X-Games. Recent articles in the New York Times featuring a few professional gamers as well as local stories. The most recent LoL tournament had thousands in attendance and millions online watching. The stream had more concurrent viewers than the NBA finals. That is quite the feat in only four years.

Have You Been Searching for a TSU Invite Code?

If you haven’t heard of the new social network that pays users to post, I suggest you keep reading. Tsū, pronounced ‘sue’ is taking a new approach to social networking. The basic premise that has everyone flocking to get an invite is the fact that they pay the users to post original content and interact with one another. Tsū operates the same way Facebook does. You have a “wall” with your friend’s posts and you are able to like, comment, and share them with other users. Tsū is also exclusive and requires that you be invited to the network. Getting a TSU invite code can be hard, luckily for people like you and me, I had a friend who was already interacting.

Below are my current analytics on the network. I haven’t posted in several days and my account also isn’t personal. Facebook is truly a social network. As an add-on they have pages for businesses and groups for users to like and follow. Tsū currently doesn’t have anything like this. Instead they allow the users to use their site in any way they like. If you decide to use your account to only post funny pictures, nothing is stopping you. To be quite honest, no one in this world is that interesting that you are going to follow them and genuinely like their posts. For instance, if you didn’t have the incentive to share someone’s posts you most likely wouldn’t. By creating an account that posts funny pictures or pictures of good looking women you are more opt to get shares, likes, and comments. This leads to more interaction on your account, resulting in more money.


Like any social network, users follow others with a greater follow-back ratio. People in general are egotistical, by following them you are attempting to stroke their ego. The first thing I did when I joined was found a user with a substantial following. I then went to their followers and followed them. As I suspected a lot of the users followed back and the ones that didn’t, oh well. The next day I went to my followers and unfollowed all of them. I then repeated the process of following and unfollowing. I was able to create a decent following in a short amount of time.

Tsū has already proven itself as being an awesome social network. Within the first five weeks it was created it had 1,000,000 registered users. Something that took Facebook several months. Keep in mind that Tsū is exclusive and requires an invite. Tsū’s Alexa rating also went from being in the high 11,000s to below 5,000. These metrics prove that people are actively participating. This growth was all possible essentially due to established social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. The people that invite others are also rewarded by the network by giving them a percentage of their revenue. The algorithm Tsū uses to distribute the funds is a little complicated but we do know that 90% of all ad-revenue is given out to the users. The company keeps the remaining ten percent.