Have You Been Searching for a TSU Invite Code?

If you haven’t heard of the new social network that pays users to post, I suggest you keep reading. Tsū, pronounced ‘sue’ is taking a new approach to social networking. The basic premise that has everyone flocking to get an invite is the fact that they pay the users to post original content and interact with one another. Tsū operates the same way Facebook does. You have a “wall” with your friend’s posts and you are able to like, comment, and share them with other users. Tsū is also exclusive and requires that you be invited to the network. Getting a TSU invite code can be hard, luckily for people like you and me, I had a friend who was already interacting.

Below are my current analytics on the network. I haven’t posted in several days and my account also isn’t personal. Facebook is truly a social network. As an add-on they have pages for businesses and groups for users to like and follow. Tsū currently doesn’t have anything like this. Instead they allow the users to use their site in any way they like. If you decide to use your account to only post funny pictures, nothing is stopping you. To be quite honest, no one in this world is that interesting that you are going to follow them and genuinely like their posts. For instance, if you didn’t have the incentive to share someone’s posts you most likely wouldn’t. By creating an account that posts funny pictures or pictures of good looking women you are more opt to get shares, likes, and comments. This leads to more interaction on your account, resulting in more money.


Like any social network, users follow others with a greater follow-back ratio. People in general are egotistical, by following them you are attempting to stroke their ego. The first thing I did when I joined was found a user with a substantial following. I then went to their followers and followed them. As I suspected a lot of the users followed back and the ones that didn’t, oh well. The next day I went to my followers and unfollowed all of them. I then repeated the process of following and unfollowing. I was able to create a decent following in a short amount of time.

Tsū has already proven itself as being an awesome social network. Within the first five weeks it was created it had 1,000,000 registered users. Something that took Facebook several months. Keep in mind that Tsū is exclusive and requires an invite. Tsū’s Alexa rating also went from being in the high 11,000s to below 5,000. These metrics prove that people are actively participating. This growth was all possible essentially due to established social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. The people that invite others are also rewarded by the network by giving them a percentage of their revenue. The algorithm Tsū uses to distribute the funds is a little complicated but we do know that 90% of all ad-revenue is given out to the users. The company keeps the remaining ten percent.