Using an sort of boosting service in many games can be seen as unfair and gives an advantage to players. These types of advantages shouldn’t exist in a game based on skill and should attempt to be removed. League of Legends and other online video games have not taken the correct measures to ensure that no unfair elo boost is being given to players. This type of boosting can date back to games such as Halo 3. Players would intentionally lose games in an effort to trick the ranking system into giving their team more Elo for the win and causing a larger jump in ranks. This happened so much that it ended up being that who ever had the most losses would be pre-determined to lose the game by the system and if they won they would receive more level experience or elo and rank up faster.

In League of Legends it is quite similar. Players are set in ranks based on Elo points. After a certain number of points through wins you are able to move up in ranks. This can be exploited as well by playing with someone in a higher level Elo than you or playing with another person on a smurf account and winning games with you. Now the person playing with you and on your account are likely Diamond rating or higher in the game meaning they have experience playing League and know how to win. You also aren’t there to weigh them down and they will rank your account fast and effortlessly.

Elo type boosting will likely be around forever. Every game has different algorithms that determine how much Elo you get but it all comes down to general things like the ranks of the people you are playing with. How well you did in the game and how fast the game was. All these types of things determine the win and after testing you can figure it out on your own.

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If you are a competitive gamer then chances are you have heard of Twitch, a popular streaming website where gamers stream their live gameplay to people around the world. Unbeknownst to most, there are actually services that exist referred to as Twitch View Bots that enable streamers to artificially grow their channels whilst streaming.

The goal of streaming your games is to interact with people who enjoy you and the games you play. Below are a few tips to effectively grow your channel and personality.

1. Create a Twitter and YouTube

Twitter has one of the most active user bases of any social network. People no longer instant message and one of the easiest ways to update your followers is to Tweet out to your followers. On YouTube you can upload stream highlights or your past broadcasts in case your followers were unable to attend your live showing.

2. Interact With Your Stream

Twitch is very competitive when it comes to competition for viewers. Simply interacting with the users in your chat and answering the questions they have is a great way to stay involved and show you genuinely appreciate the viewers tuning into your broadcast.

3. Use a Twitch View Bot

If you are just starting out you can use a Viewer Boosting service to drive viewers to your channel. The more viewers you have the higher you rank in the game/channel you are streaming in. The higher you rank the more apt people are to click your follow, talk in your chat, and follow your channel.

With these tips you will effectively grow your channel. With Twitter and YouTube you will be able to generate even more multimedia options and ways to generate profit. Eventually when your channel becomes more popular you will no longer need viewer boosting services. People will be notified when you are streaming and you will be able to make money through ad revenue on both Twitch and YouTube.

What Most People Don’t Know

The Growing Demand of Cellphones

There are multiple cellphone manufacturers in the market today. It has been a growing industry that this century is most attached with. The use of cellphones has been known to be very convenient since it is wireless and easy to use. A lot of people are using this technology in the day-to-day activity, since this offers multifaceted purposes including calls, text messages, internet browsing through wireless networks, Bluetooth, and many more. And because of this, many people are exposed to the electro-magnetic radiation (EMR).

What is EMR?

Electromagnetic radiation is a type of radiation that is produced by any electromagnetic processes. EMR is consisting of electromagnetic waves which are synchronized by both the electric and magnetic fields. This radiation is usually referred to as visible light, microwaves, radio waves, ultraviolet rays, and many more. This radiation is present in a cellphone and other wireless devices, thus many are stating that cellphones can kill you.

Worldwide Research

Because cellphone contains electromagnetic radiations that could possibly affect the health of human beings, scientists are in the constant study of determining whether it can really cause negative effects. The World Health Organization (WHO) together with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified cellphone radiation in the Group 2B which means it is “possibly carcinogenic”, because of this, many states of the possibility that cellphones can kill you. But there is no current evidence for this matter. According to Leif Salford a Swedish Neuro-oncologist, people don’t realize that they are being part of “the largest biological experiment ever” on studying the effects of cellphones. The researchers state that results may not be available today but someday it will.

What are the Possible Health Risks of Cellphone Radiations?

Because of the EMR, scientists have thought of the possibility of a number of health risks. Such health risks associates with cancer, brain, and eyes. According to Lloyd Morgan lead author of the “Cellphones and Brain Tumors”, cellphones will likely result to brain tumors and it can also increase risk in eye and testicular cancer, salivary gland tumors, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Alzheimer’s disease and leukemia. Having said, scientists would like to warn the people on using cellphones.

Precautions Imposed by the Health Authorities

Because of the possible health risks of cellphones, health authorities have taken action on the limited use of the gadget. Particularly for kids, to avoid being damaged by the radiation, some countries imposed a policy of the usage and exposure to cellphones. Although studies have not proven it yet, it is better to take necessary precautions to prevent possible risks.

Consider the Possibility and Take Action

Being a responsible human being means being aware of all the facets of a matter including negative ones. You may say that they are no proven study results, but to be responsible take precaution and think before you act. Note that experts are professionals, and usually or most of the time they are right, thus you need to consider the possibility that cellphones can kill you, and you should take action before it’s too late.

If you own an online e-commerce site or if you are in a competitive niche then chances are you have to deal with the up-time of your website. People now have the ability to take your website offline with the click of a button. Through the use of stresser tools your competitors are able to take down your hosting and disable all potential traffic and customers from visiting your site. These attacks can be harmful to your site because if you don’t have unlimited bandwidth you will likely incur additional bandwidth costs. You will likely lose sales because your site is offline. Google may de-index your site and you will lose any rankings you might have achieved.

These types of attacks can be mitigated or re-routed through additional servers through services like Cloudflare and Prolexic. These services allow you to have your website’s IP address masked with their own. In general a website’s IP is public information. With that being said it is even easier for a stresser to attack a website and take it offline. Cloudflare has a huge network and is able to handle attacks from these stresser tools. Essentially when an attack is sent at a Cloudflare IP address the attack is filtered through several data centers on the network to the point that it is mitigated and the site being protected isn’t affected by the high influx of traffic. These types of services aren’t cheap either. If your site isn’t that popular and doesn’t rank competitively in your niche then  you will likely be worry free in this department.

Getting attacked by a Stresser can be quite annoying when it happens. You will end up spending hours on the phone with your hosting provider to figure out why you can’t access your site and you will potentially lose any profit you could of made. The fact that someone can pay $5 to shut down your site shouldn’t be possible. It has become necessary is just about every business today to have some sort of mitigation methods on their backend to ensure their site is online and available to their clients and customers.

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